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Kento Digital Printing

Sustainable Digital Transformation for the Corrugated Packaging Industry

material handling systems for the corrugated packaging industries in south africa

A single-pass solution that brings together in a single line the advantages of inkjet digital printing and high-quality flexographic printing, which is specifically designed for corrugated board, and is equipped with Celmacch peripherals.

Kento Hybrid®… Inkjet + flexo Kento Hybrid®… Inkjet + flexo Kento Digital Printing’s hybrid single-pass printing technology is a milestone in the digital transformation of the packaging industry into corrugated cardboard. Digital single-pass inkjet printing line, equipped with one or more flexo print units for printing backgrounds, direct colours and other high added value applications. “Kento We are corrugated”.

These are the features of the Kento Hybrid®

  • Print format 2100mm wide by 1300mm in machine direction.
  • It fully complies with the requirements of packaging manufacturers in corrugated.
  • Total length below 30 meters, easily installable in most factories.
  • Productivity at the level of high quality flexographic printers.
  • Up to 80 linear meters per minute - 10,000 sqm print area - 8000 sh/hr.
  • Total non-stop automation, with lower feed and a stack height up to 1800 mm.
  • Ease of operation, minimum personnel requirement.
  • Full integration of all components, with own line control software.
  • Peripherals conceived and manufactured by Celmacch, with more than thirty five years of experience.
  • Unique electronics, with Siemens brand components.

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Kento Digital Printing
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