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Avanti Conveyors

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Avanti Conveyors

Materials Handling Systems


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Avanti Conveyors

UK based Avanti conveyors are a highly experienced manufacturer of superior quality materials handling systems supplying globally into the corrugated packaging and paperboard industries. With a highly skilled team of engineers, designers and field service technicians, Avanti mission is to supply materials handling systems to operate at maximum levels of performance and profitability.

All individual and customised systems from Avanti are fully supported by a dedicated team of experts offering reliable OEM back-up and assistance when and where required.

In addition to offering full plant turn key systems Avanti can supply corrugator take off’s, transfer cars, turning devices, bottom sheet inserters, top board loaders, sheet insertion palletisers, sleeve stations, palletisers/stretch wrapping lines all of which are controlled by state of the art software and intuitive control systems. All full, part and individual units supplied by Avanti meet all of today’s health and safety standards.

The Avanti designed and built central pallet insertion system “LPD & Fastpal” is available in different sizes and configurations to suit a plants needs. These include the “UNO”, “DUO” “Tandem” and “Monster” machines capable of processing from 160 to 240 stacks per hour.

Bottlenecks? Are through-put problems effecting your productivity? Try Avanti’s mathematical simulation service. Avanti use factory simulations to establish optimised designs enabling clever priority strategies for transfer cars, storage lines, multiple devices and conveyor junctions.

Avanti – Take control. Precise, responsive materials handling.

  • Complete Avanti control systems are recommended for use with our equipment, but they also can control third party equipment.
  • Existing control systems from other manufacturers can be modified and re-programmed, or re-wired where necessary.
  • Avanti supplied conveyor systems have their PLC control software customised to suit the application on turnkey projects.
  • Re-commissioning of existing equipment or systems is also available.


  • Stedi-Stak Conveyors
  • Bi-Di Roller Conveyors 
  • Stedi-Stak Transfer Cars 
  • Corrugator Take-off 
  • APCS Work in Progress Software 
  • Pivot Cars 
  • Machine In-feeds 
  • Turntable 
  • Bundle Doublers 
  • Plastic Bi-directional Out-feeds 
  • Machine Out-feeds 
  • Rotating Bi-directional turntables 
  • Base Pad Inserter 
  • Load Palletising Device 
  • Fastpal 
  • Impress and Impress Console 
  • Centraliser 
  • Sushi “Finished Goods” Bar

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