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Paper Forming Equipment

Paper Forming Equipment

NOVATEC: Specialising in the manufacturer of machinery for the production of thermo formed paper based containers, trays, and plates for the food industry.

*The replacement of single use plastic, polystyrene and aluminium containers with recyclable and compostable paper, cardboard or corrugated board is a key enviromental objective for food packaging.  

Since 1990 the team at Italian based Novatec have been manufacturing thermo forming machinery for the production of paper and cardboard containers for food packaging.

 Novatec’s know-how enables them to propose complete systems (machines and moulds) that are customised in accordance with the specific needs of their customers, guaranteeing efficient production, quality, reliability and cutting edge technology.

Numerous investments in technological research have been made and partnering with the main producers of quality paper based materials has allowed Novatec to develop together with their customers, sustainable and much needed alternatives to plastic……Realising solutions that are innovative, ecological and bio-degradable they are constantly striving to expand their applications for paper based products and cardboard.   

Applications : 

Fruit trays : Bakery trays : Pizza trays.   

Containers for oven cooking.   

MAP – Modified Air & Skin Packaging.

NOVATEC : Machine Systems. 

BLANK MACHINES : These hydraulic machines are fed from a hopper with die-cut paper and cardboard. These versitile and cost effective machines are suitable for the production of food containers up to a maximum depth of 60mm ( depending on the machine and model).

REEL MACHINES : These hydraulic machines are fed from Paper and Cardboard reels. These machines are suitable for producing large volumes of food containers up to a maximum depth of 80mm (depending on the machine model).

MOULDS : The machine moulds are an integral part of Novatec’s forming systems and are manufactured at their comprehensive facilities in Palazzuollo Sul Senio. The moulds are designed with three dimensional software in accordance with a customers specific requests. All projects, drawings, machining programs are stored on in-house servers in order to guarantee the reproduction of a mould even after many years have passed.   


NOVATEC : What they do.

Novatec creates forming machines with passion and competence, combining respect for tradition with a vision for the future. Their objective is to offer customers all over the world the best possible quality, efficiency, reliability and performance.

NOVATEC & C-TEC Systems Ltd : 

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If your business has a requirement to switch to paper based trays and plates for your specific food packing applications please get in touch.

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