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Swiftcut Automatic Diecutters

Swiftcut Automatic Flatbed Diecutters

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Automatic Flatbed Diecutter with Extended Lead Edge Feeder.

C-TEC Systems is pleased to introduce new range of Automatic Flatbed Diecutters from CC-Machinery of Lennep, Germany. With an outstanding mixture of quality, performance and exceptional value for money the CCM Swiftcut range of Diecutters are proving to be a very popular choice with Corrugated Converters.

Size : 1650mm x 1200mm Machine Speed : 5000 feeds per hour Board thickness : 0.7mm to 9mm

Board Grades range from : G – F – E – B – C – A + AB Double Wall and high gloss laminated

Running Solid Board grades is also possible on the Swiftcut from 400 gsm to 1200 gsm

Specification SR 1650

  • Lead Edge Feeder
  • Suitable for corrugated board up to 9mm thickness
  • Extended Lead Edge Feeder including single feeding section into the Diecutt
  • International centreline system
  • Standard stripping section with upper and lower stripping frame
  • Optional: 3 frame stripping section including pin stripping system
  • Delivery section for batches
  • Optional: Delivery section for high pile stacking
  • Fully automatic Flatbed Diecutters Type SWIFTCUT SR-1650 is available with different specifications.
  • Therefore they are individual suitable to produce all different kinds of corrugated board, as well as laminated sheets and also solid board until 300 gr./ qm of minimum weight.

Swiftcut FBDC.

*Swiftcut 1650mm x 1200mm is also available with Standard Lead Edge Feed and in manual fed Semi-Automatic formats.

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