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Kento Digital Printing - The best of both World's

Kento Digital Printing - The best of both World's

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A new and revolutionary high quality printing process for the Corrugated Packaging  Industry which enables huge cost savings to be realised.


*Kento is the sustainable Digital Hybrid printing solution the Corrugated Packaging Industry has been waiting for……

The Kento single-pass solution that brings together in a single line the advantages of inkjet digital printing and high-quality flexographic printing, which is specifically designed for corrugated board, and is equipped with Celmacch analogue units.

Kento Hybrid® Inkjet + Flexo. 

The Kento Hybrid® single-pass printing technology is a milestone in the digital transformation of the packaging industry for corrugated cardboard. The digital single-pass inkjet printing line, equipped with one or more flexo print units for printing backgrounds, direct colours and other high added value applications. “Kento We are corrugated”.

  • Print format 2100mm wide by 1300mm in machine direction.
  • It fully complies with the requirements of packaging manufacturers in corrugated.
  • Total length below 30 meters, easily installable in most factories.
  • Productivity at the level of high quality flexographic printers.
  • Up to 80 linear meters per minute – 10,000 sqm print area – 8000 sh/hr.
  • Total non-stop automation, with lower feed and a stack height up to 1800 mm.
  • Ease of operation, minimum personnel requirement.
  • Full integration of all components, with own line control software.
  • Analogue units have been conceived and manufactured by Celmacch, with more than forty years of experience.
  • Unique electronics, with Siemens brand components.

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